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years of experience

Klearium is the result of the expertise, operations, and experience developed in the global financial markets.

Our offering has been heavily influenced by experience gathered across multiple industry verticals and different areas of the financial sector.

Our Team

Welcoming disenfranchised frontier markets back to the trading table as equals.

A team of experienced, multidisciplinary financial management, cross-border payments and compliance professionals.

David has held leadership positions in telecommunications and financial services businesses, always with a focus on using technology to promote inclusion. Having lived throughout Asia he has supported many central banks on policy development and worked in the private sector to launch innovative financial services products that can scale.

David Kleiman

Mike is a cross-border commercial payment and money remittances expert boasting a 20-year career building a Pan-African Microfinance Bank network spanning six Countries serving over 950K active customers. Continuing his passion for reimagining global financial accessibility, he is leading the implementation of the Klearium business model in Africa, including the underpinning technology call the Klearium Cube.

Mike Gama-Lobo
Executive VP

Mark draws from his background as a systems architect and software engineer to drive the development of Klearium's products and services. With his engineering experience in AML and Compliance systems, and a passion for bridging business and technical goals, his vision is to position Klearium as a leader in financial technology innovation.

Mark Suliga

Stephen is a Chartered Accountant, holding registrations in both South Africa and the UK. He obtained an MBA from the University of Oxford and boasts extensive expertise in finance, treasury, and operations. Stephen's career includes occupying senior positions at top UK Fintech companies, including Zepz and Wise.

Stephen Fahy

Harpreet has extensive experience working within the Risk & Compliance sector of financial services. She boasts a distinguished career marked by impactful collaborations with industry titans and stands at the helm of safeguarding and guiding the organization through the intricate landscape of risk management and regulatory adherence.

Harpreet Jagdev
Head of Risk & Compliance

Lorena has been part of the Choice Group for more than 10 years, supporting technological development and operational processes, and serving as Head of Operations and FX Trading for the last 3 years. Throughout her professional life, she has worked in finance in Latin America, leading efforts to develop emerging stock markets.

Lorena Koberg
Head of Operations

Bernard Omenda is a financial services executive with more than 20 year’s experience leading treasury management and trade finance with some of the biggest banking brands throughout Africa including KCB Bank Group, ECB Bank and FDH Bank. Innovating the African payments landscape is a passion he pursues every day.

Ben Omenda
Head of Banking Africa

Chris has been deeply immersed in the realm of Software Development and IT, his expertise lies in crafting tailored solutions for businesses across the African continent. What truly drives Chris is his unwavering passion for tackling challenges head-on, wherever they may arise.

Chris Fahy
Solutions Architect
James Kasuyi

James is a banking executive, having more than 15 year’s experience in equity sales, development finance, sovereign finance, trade finance, and institutional correspondent banking working with Financial Institutions in USA and throughout Africa. His charismatic approach and teammate philosophy has helped him grow business relationships and broaden his aptitude to achieve mutual objectives for clients and stakeholders.

James Kasuyi
Head of Financial Institutions

Where we're based

South Africa

3rd Floor, 186 Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre

United States

505 Montgomery Street, Suite 1100 San Francisco, CA 94111